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All pages
"Infrastructure" for low-cost translation and interpretation in a school
About Us: Basic FactsAbout Us: Our Way of WorkingAbout Us: Our Work
About Us: OverviewApril 28, 02010
AudienceCitywide info-sharing public meeting notes
Citywide information-sharingClick here to learn more about other basic research undergirding our work.Community Calendar
Computer infrastructureDashboard/ahas
EportfolioExpanded story: Data dashboards
Expanded story: Schoolwide toolkit/parent connector networkExpanded story: Texting for Rapid Youth Support
Expanded story: ePortfoliosFull set of multilingual infrastructure diagrams
Healey Hotline
Incentive structureJuly 22nd Public Meeting
Lots of researchMeeting of "mediamakers"
Multilingual videoNetwork Index
Network creation and maintenanceNetwork documentNext Steps
Old agenda for SaturdayOneVille's principlesOneville Blog
Open licensing of contentOther calendarsOutside Examples
Overview and key findings: Data dashboardsOverview and key findings: Schoolwide toolkit/parent connector networkOverview and key findings: Texting for Rapid Youth Support
Overview and key findings: ePortfolios
Parent connector network/Ah-hasParent connector network/ahas
Parent connector network2Participatory design researchPrinciples
Reading NightsResearch base
Schoolwide communication toolkit
Six projectsSomerville Media Makers
Substantial literatureSummary: Data dashboardsSummary: Schoolwide toolkit/parent connector network
Summary: Texting for Rapid Youth SupportTaxonomy vs Folksonomy
The OneVille ProjectTo-dos for individual view
Toolkit of communication tools for schoolwide communication,Unit of analysisUse cases
Vision for OneVille documentationWhere is OneVille now
Why a network?Wiki