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Old agenda for Saturday

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Meeting, Saturday May 28th


  • Mica
  • Seth
  • Uche
  • Susan
  • Jedd (by speakerphone)

(to pull in later:

  • Alice for overall consulting, some ePortfolio documentation;
  • EliJAH for spring ePortfolio documentation; working group participants as editors.)


decide basic structure for OneVille Phase 1 documentation wiki. (Wiki to be completed if we can by June 30.)


this wiki is not a replacement for other forms of documentation, but it’ll be our first round of public documentation other than the blog. On my end, I’m simultaneously writing an overall article to introduce the project to folks and over the next year (!) drafting a possible book, who knows. . .co-written article on texting planned first with Uche (and possibly, FC/NW teachers), then, co-writing with others!

ToDo before meeting

Check out the basic wiki so you are more prepared to talk about it (a work in progress!!) Seth will invite all to it.

Agenda : 4 tasks

1. Discuss overall architecture of this wiki. To do: read together and discuss two pages in particular

a. read and discuss Main Page (What Is OneVille) at a high level (not wordsmithing).
How could this be improved as a introductory structure, as it’s the first thing people may see?
b. Read and discuss “Vision for OneVille documentation” page. Do you have additional goals for this documentation? (Add goals to that wiki page.)
c. look at some quick examples of other documentation to get our brains flowing?. . .

2. Discuss architecture for documenting each working group. Read and discuss one draft page in particular: the Parent Connector Network page (find it via Schoolwide Communication Toolkit)

a. How does this structure look? How could it be improved?
b. should we have a common such structure for all of the Working Groups?

3. Seth should offer some technical demonstrations, so all are prepared to work on the wiki.


4. Next steps for co-creating between now and June 30?