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List of non-existing pages with the most links to them, excluding pages which only have redirects linking to them. For a list of non-existent pages that have redirects linking to them, see the list of broken redirects.

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  1. 2 courses in high school that teach them how to make games‏‎ (1 link)
  2. Adding information to the OneVille wiki‏‎ (1 link)
  3. Collaborate for those people w/o the resources to participate. Consuelo used to say put on bulletin board in the parks. But they are empty.‏‎ (1 link)
  4. Computer Infrastructure.‏‎ (1 link)
  5. Computers available in the library‏‎ (1 link)
  6. Courtney did an online poll. People said they didn’t like it. Courtney listened. And then something actually happened!‏‎ (1 link)
  7. Dashboard’s‏‎ (1 link)
  8. Discussion at Somerville Voices – about their calendar – could you scrape listservs and sign up for what you’re interested in and it would come to you? A simple solution. Could OneVille do it?‏‎ (1 link)
  9. Eportfolios‏‎ (1 link)
  10. Expanded Story‏‎ (1 link)
  11. For our conference – people who wanted to come and couldn’t, could see the lectures.‏‎ (1 link)
  12. Getting radio on phones‏‎ (1 link)
  13. Google Translate‏‎ (1 link)
  14. Googleform‏‎ (1 link)
  15. Googlespreadsheet‏‎ (1 link)
  16.‏‎ (1 link)
  17. Has to be some resource owning it, keeping it.‏‎ (1 link)
  18. I started collecting all the emails that I got. Put on my website. Some parents like it, but we need to collaborate.‏‎ (1 link)
  19. If someone wanted to create a twitter lead that had everyone’s information feed in one place, would be very useful.‏‎ (1 link)
  20. It requires human effort to get the stuff in a central system and make sure you then make it available for other people. And then, is it too much information?‏‎ (1 link)
  22. Link to OV blog post here‏‎ (1 link)
  23. Link to blog post here‏‎ (1 link)
  24. Made Resistat blog so you could leave a comment, and traffic jumped up a hundred percent.‏‎ (1 link)
  25. May add internet radio to SCAT. Setting up Boston Free Radio – access but not so limited – some commercial stuff but anyone would have access to doing shows. Getting the rights to all the music – copyright.‏‎ (1 link)
  26. Maybe now would be a time – to partner to approach the city to look at some kind of broad based effort to reach out to more people with broadband.‏‎ (1 link)
  27. MediaWiki‏‎ (1 link)
  28. Multilingual‏‎ (1 link)
  29. Multilingual Coffee Hour‏‎ (1 link)
  30. Multilingual coffee hour‏‎ (1 link)
  31. Notepad (Windows)‏‎ (1 link)
  32. Page‏‎ (1 link)
  33. Paper to those bulletin boards, is crucial. A list of the bulletin boards, and see who is most interested in carrying paper to the bulletin boards.‏‎ (1 link)
  34. Parent Dialogues‏‎ (1 link)
  35. Parent dialogues‏‎ (1 link)
  36. Public health: if we need to get a message out we rely on the different language outlets.‏‎ (1 link)
  37. Reading Night‏‎ (1 link)
  38. Schoolwide Communication Toolkit‏‎ (1 link)
  39. See Chris Glynn in Expanded Story‏‎ (1 link)
  40. See Expanded Story‏‎ (1 link)
  41. Site rewards‏‎ (1 link)
  42. Social esteem‏‎ (1 link)
  43. Some is human to human contact – how can we cross post on your list, link to your blog, share your calendar on our website. Things people can do on their own if they knew these things existed.‏‎ (1 link)
  44.‏‎ (1 link)
  45. Text box‏‎ (1 link)
  46. There are tons of computers around and people know where they can go. They exist, in neighborhoods, libraries.‏‎ (1 link)
  47. This‏‎ (1 link)
  48. Toolkit‏‎ (1 link)
  49. Tufts volunteers to post at regular intervals on those boards. And a series of regular calendars that people agreed to. . .‏‎ (1 link)
  50.‏‎ (1 link)

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