To-dos for individual view

Individual View To-Dos

Overall to-dos:

  • Make sure tubes from student data work, i.e., send each student's data to a separate individual view for that student.
  • Create user accounts for each parent.
  • Build a page that a teacher can got to and select which student's individual view to see.
  • Make sure each comment box has the instruction, "Write comments or questions here."
  • Make comments stick automatically, so that the viewer does not need to click, the "Save comment" button.

Page-by-page to-dos:

  • Remove last sentence in the instructions on the "General"/first page.
  • Replace teacher's photo with student's photo.
  • Add red-green color-coding to attendance and test score pages.
  • Make attendance page show results for all the months of that year that have passed, i.e., if it's during the month of November, show Sept & October, and if it's June, show Sept-May.
  • Change color-coding on grades page to red-green.
  • Change MCAS raw scores to scaled score (student data includes both).
  • Change wording of MAP "Language Arts" to "Language"
  • On summary comment page, embed links to the google calendar and to a doodle poll. (If used by another school district, they could create their own gmail account for scheduling interpretation.)
  • Build the tubes from the summary comment page to the teacher's email and to parent emails.