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The OneVille Project

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What is the OneVille Project?

The OneVille Project is a community research and action project in Somerville, Massachusetts (2009-2012).

Our goal: to support community cooperation in young people's success, by supporting communication and collaboration between the diverse people who share young people's lives.

Specifically, people of all ages in our diverse community have been testing how low cost and commonplace technology might help students, educators, families, and other supporters:

-communicate about each young person's life and progress;
-share information, ideas, and resources across schools and the community.

Six Smaller Projects

The OneVille Project divided up into six smaller projects exploring tools and strategies to help people communicate. Each project has paired local researchers, youth, parents, educators, technologists, and community organizers. We documented the work of each group in its own section:

Data dashboards
Schoolwide toolkit/parent connector network
Citywide information sharing
Computer infrastructure

You can also click the sidebar to explore each project. Click here to see summary descriptions of all projects, as well.

Do you want to discuss our work in another language? Contact and we'll set up a conversation with interpretation. This website is being hosted by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, and they are working to add a translation button as well.

En Español: ¿Desea discutir nuestro trabajo en otro idioma? Envíe un correo electrónico a e estableceremos una conversación con interpretación. Este sitio Web está siendo organizado por el Centro Berkman para el Internet y la Sociedad de la Universidad de Harvard, y están trabajando para añadir un botón de traducción también.

Em Português: Você quer discutir o nosso trabalho em outro idioma? Contacte e vamos estabelecer uma conversa com interpreter. Este site está sendo organizado pelo Centro Berkman para Internet e Sociedade de Harvard, e eles estão trabalhando para adicionar tradução também.

Nan Kreyòl Ayisyen: Ou vle diskite sou travay nou nan yon lòt lang? Kontakte mica.pollock @ ak nou pral mete sou pye yon konvèsasyon ak entèpretasyon. Se sit entènèt sa a ap akomode pa Sant lan Berkman pou Entènèt ak Sosyete nan Harvard, epi yo ap travay ajoute yon bouton tradiksyon tou.

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