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Summary: Schoolwide toolkit/parent connector network

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HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR SCHOOL COULD IMPROVE COMMUNICATION? Questions to ask about the current system in your school: ➢ Can everyone who needs to get and share important school information, get and share it? ➢ Where do you put school information so that everyone in the school can see it? ➢ How do you share parent ideas around the school? ➢ What system do you have for translation and interpretation, in particular? ➢ How can you tap local bilingualism, either paying people to translate material or organizing bilingual volunteers to pitch in on translation and interpretation in a way that doesn't take too much of their time? ➢ How can you build on parent-parent relationships to pull all parents into school events and conversation? ➢ What tech training do parents need in order to get information? How could you help all parents get this training? ➢ Which efforts at parent information should be a task for school staff rather than volunteers?