Schoolwide communication toolkit

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   * 1 Summary
   * 2 Communication we set forth to improve
   * 3 Process
         o 3.1 Basic History
         o 3.2 Communication ahas, implementation ahas, and turning points!
   * 4 Findings/Endpoints
         o 4.1 Concrete communication improvements
         o 4.2 Main communication realizations and implementation realizations
         o 4.3 Technological how-tos
         o 4.4 Things we’d expand/do differently

With parents and administrators at the K-8 Healey School in Somerville, we've been working toward a toolkit of tools and strategies for schoolwide communication that reaches all families across lines of language, income, background, and tech access/training. In particular, we've been working on improving the "infrastructure" for low-cost translation and interpretation in a multilingual school. See the Parent connector network, where bilingual parents use phones, Google forms, and a hotline we made, to help get information to and input from immigrant and low-income families. Other tools include a wiki for school reform notes, and our partners in the PTA have agreed to work on training parents on email.