Computer infrastructure

As we documented this project, we thought about OneVille's project-wide questions:

Who needs to communicate what info to whom, through which media, in order to support young people?

Which barriers are in the way of such communication, and how might these barriers be overcome?

How might basic tech help increase community cooperation in young people’s success, by supporting diverse students, teachers, parents, administrators, service providers, and other community members to share ideas, resources, and information and to build relationships?


'(A bird’s eye view for the quick reader. We're addressing these questions:)

a. What communication did we hope to improve, change, or create? Why?

b. Main efforts, and concrete communication improvement(s). (Who was involved in the project and how was time together spent? What did the project accomplish? How did communication improve? What new support for young people may have become more possible?)

c. Main realizations. (At this point, what's our main realization about improving communications in public education? (We'll say a few overall words in response to OneVille's research questions, above!)

Communication we hoped to improve

Say more. What aspect of communication did we want to improve, so that more people in Somerville could collaborate in young people's success?


How we realized and redirected things, over time.

Basic History

The groundwork needed to support the current work.

Communication ahas, implementation ahas, and turning points!

Over the course of the project, we had the following communication and implementation ahas, and project turning points. An “aha” refers to the moments when we said “Aha! we’ve figured out something really helpful!” Or, “Aha! Now we understand!” “Turning points” refer to moments when we used these ahas to make changes to our work. To read the full accounting (our main documentation of this project!), see main article: Computer Infrastructure/ahas


Here's where we describe final outcomes and share examples of final products, with discussion! Three sections below:

Concrete communication improvements

What is the main communication improvement we made? What new support for young people may have resulted?

Main communication realizations and implementation realizations

At this point, what are our main realizations about improving communications in public education? (Here are our main thoughts on OneVille’s research questions.)

What big changes would we recommend re. improving the “communication infrastructure” of public education, so that more people can collaborate in student success?)

What’s the main thing we’d recommend to other communities or schools implementing similar innovations? (What would we expand or do differently were we to do this again?)

Next Steps

What do we plan to do next?

Technological how-tos

Here's where we describe "how to" use every tool we used, so that others could do the same. We also describe "how to" make every tool we made!

Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Tackling Similar Things Where You Live

If you wanted to replicate any of this, what would you need to think about? Contact us to learn/talk more!